We recently had the pleasure to partner up with Mishiko to test out their GPS and Activity Tracker. Unlike most other devices, Mishiko is compact and built for the most adventurous of dogs out there! When we received the device in the post, we were very impressed by the way it was presented. The packaging gives you a feeling of a premium product that has been well built. Inside the box, you can find the device, an instruction booklet, a collar and wireless charging port… can you believe it’s wireless??? We too were pleasantly surprised! 

When purchasing the device, you have three options; 

  • £49 monthly – includes the device and the first month subscription
  • £79.99 yearly – includes the device and the first year subscription
  • £99 unlimited – includes the device and lifetime subscription


What can Mishiko do?

  • It shows your dog’s location by using GPS and cellular technology to send information about your pet’s location, and activity levels to the Mishiko App
  • Thanks to its aluminium body, Mishiko is fully waterproof if it’s raining or if your dog loves jumping into big puddles or a quick swim. The device is resistant to water immersion for up to 30 minutes
  • Help you see your dog in the dark with the bright blacklight. Different backlight modes, it also keeps you informed of the charge level, the operating mode and device updates


We think the Mishiko device is the perfect addition to any household. We recommend you testing it out and seeing how fun it is to track your dog’s exercise and keep track of their whereabouts! Let us know if you plan on getting one – we love to see our followers enjoy the products we get to test out.


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